Der Manouel Insurance Group – email response to agency asking about AB Solutions

From: Michael Der Manouel, Jr.
Friday, November 18, 2011 9:02 AM
Subject: RE: Todd Arnold, AB Solutions

Todd Arnold essentially comes in for 3-4 days for us once a year.  It used to be twice a year, but we’ve fixed so many things that right now we are in maintenance mode.

We had a 4 month processing backlog when we started with him.  We were so broken we didn’t know what we were doing.  Now it is zero.

Essentially, we used him to help us with all of our procedures, paperless interface tips, cleanup and reduction of activity codes, policy types, and eliminations of unnecessary steps and keystrokes.

He’s installed stock reports for us to use to measure productivity, true up producers, test our accounting procedures, etc.

He sits with your commercial , life and health and personal lines leaders and rewrites and revises your procedures, sets up compliance check audits, and essentially tightens it all up.  He doesn’t dictate any changes but he’ll tell you if some of your “sacred cows” need to be slaughtered – but he doesn’t make you do it.  You should do everything he says you should though because he knows more than anyone on your staff.

He’s the smartest insurance workflow person I have ever seen.  If you do what he recommends, everyone will be so damn happy they won’t be able to stand it!!

We budget 7-10k a year for Todd.  We are down to really tweaking and fine tuning, but if you look at our CSA productivity numbers, its because of Todd.  You’ll get that 10k back in big multiples over time.

Let me know what else you might need.


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Der Manouel Insurance Group – email response to agency asking about AB Solutions
by Michael Der Manouel, Jr.
May 9, 2012

“Iowa loves Todd Arnold” Independent Insurance Associates, Ltd.

“Todd Arnold has been the main speaker at our annual 2 day convention in Iowa several times and the results are always the same – our members love him and want him back again the following year.”

“Todd is a dynamic speaker and extremely knowledgeable with the intricacies of TAM.  He captures the attention of the audience from the first moment of the class and keeps it the entire session.

“From accounting to workflows to reports, Todd has a wide range of topics for presentation.  His handouts are brilliant and extremely helpful down the road for refreshing your memory.

“A few years ago, just one week before our annual convention our speaker had to cancel due to a family emergency.  I was in panic mode and starting making calls, sending emails to everyone I knew within the Applied community.  Todd was the first response I received, indicating that AB Solutions would make sure that I had a speaker for my convention.  My relief was immediate and my gratitude eternal for the words of hope that he gave to me that day.”

Kathy J. Golly, CIC
President, Iowa Applied Users Group
Independent Insurance Associates, Ltd.
Des Moines, Iowa

“Iowa loves Todd Arnold” Independent Insurance Associates, Ltd.
by Kathy J. Golly, CIC
September 15, 2011

“Get Training in One Day!” Teifeld & Co Insurance Services Inc.

“You would think after being on Applied Systems for 16 years that you’d know all the “ins and outs” of the system and how it works best for you…Boy, was I wrong.  After so many years you get into a routine of doing the same thing over and over and you forget about all the little shortcuts, tricks of the trade, and “right clicking”!  You also forget to read the 3 pages of updates for new releases so you aren’t aware of those helpful hints either!  Well, you can get of the above in a one day training seminar put on by Renee at AB Solutions!  She provides all the documentation and expertise, and you just have to take notes and then apply it to your everyday workload.”

“For new employee orientation, she’s the best, too!  Both of my “Applied Virgins” are experts in their daily tasks now!”

Teresa Todd
Teifeld & Co Insurance Services Inc.
San Jose, CA

“Get Training in One Day!” Teifeld & Co Insurance Services Inc.
by Teresa Todd
September 15, 2011

“God-send for our agency!” Insurance Center, Inc.

“Renee has been a God-send for our agency! About 3 years ago Renee visited our agency and met with various personnel to assist us in developing a more customized proposal system that works for everyone. We used those proposals for approximately one year before we had her back to further customize. In developing the documents for the proposal, Renee willingly shared her knowledge with us, helping us to understand this system enough so that now we are able to do our own customization as our agency continues to grow and add new pages and styles. Renee also played a major role in assisting our agency to develop a procedures manual for our employees. This has been completed for two years, and we have received raves from other agencies who have reviewed it. Last year she assisted in auditing our staff to indicate compliance with the established procedures for Applied. We feel totally comfortable that we can call on Renee and AB Solutions should we encounter problems with any documents.”

Julie Boren, Office Manager
Lee Lewallen, Commercial Team Leader
Insurance Center, Inc. El Dorado , KS