Alternatively, pre-built Epic proposal templates are available for purchase. These templates are designed by experienced staff familiar with insurance proposals, Epic, and Word programming. These templates provide your clients with clear and easily discerned information in a concise and attractive format that sets your proposals apart.

Product Prices for our Epic Proposal sets are as follows:

Commercial Lines $1,050

Agri-Business Lines $750

if stand alone; $375 if purchased with a Commercial Lines set

Personal Lines $750

if stand alone; $375 if purchased with a Commercial Lines set

Each set is installed into the agency’s Epic system using the Import Custom Item feature.

Standard installation and customization are included in the purchase price.

Standard installation and customization include the following:

Changing colors (applicable to text and tables)
Inserting the agency’s logo
Setting the appropriate premium fields on all templates for correct calculation on Premium Summary page
Modifying the service team page per agency’s defined servicing roles

Requirements: Agencies must be using the most current version of Epic and Microsoft Word 2010 or later.
Note: Each Sample file below contains annotations with details about that proposal set (opening it inside of your browser is probably a bad thing).

Clean Green

The absence of any shading and borders on the tables in this set, Clean Green. Nothing to distract the client from viewing the information the proposal provides. The only color on this set aside from the cover page is for the Page Headers and Sub Headers used to divide the proposal into sections. This set can display your logo in the upper right corner of the cover page or not, if you prefer a clean look.


This proposal features narrow margins and full-color bleed on front and back covers. This is ideal for digital delivery, but it can still be printed. The cover page features effective and expiration years and icons for branch details such as address, phone, and email. Page Titles are included in the header of each section and will repeat when a section spans multiple pages. On each applicable page, coverages, exposures, etc. are grouped into separate tables by location. Bonus landscape pages included in this set are a Statement of Values, and a Commercial Auto Vehicle Schedule which includes insured ID number.

Great Plains

This proposal set features a bold, colorful accent on the cover page suggesting a portrait of the enclosed document. Matching header rows highlight each section, and when combined with the matching page number accents produces a finished document that is clean and easy to navigate.

Smoky Mountain

This product prominently displays your logo in the center of the cover page as well as a smaller version in the footer of the following pages. The style is bold and distinctive and doesn’t detract from the client’s essential information. The overall effect is a crisp and clean visual presentation.

Monument Valley

This proposal set’s header features a color border with your client’s name in black highlighting each page. The border is repeated in the footer with the page number. A professional look is achieved in the tables with black shaded headers and white print combined with data rows using a bold and easy to read black font with borders.

Crater Lake

The highlight of this proposal set is the Property coverage template. It has been developed with 3 coverages selected for a table format with Amount of Insurance, Valuation, Cause of Loss, and Deductible columns for each coverage. The address and location description have been moved to a Location Schedule above the Coverages table. This set also prominently displays your logo on the cover page. The footer on all pages after the cover page has a corner frame designed to anchor the pages. A totally different way to present your Property coverage to your client.

Horizons (Renewal Review)

The proposal set was created for the renewal review with a landscape orientation. It has a separate column on the policy templates entitled ‘Add, Remove, or Change’. The Marketing Summary has three columns for Carrier Premium Comparison.