If you already have the design and layout of your proposals or summaries, we can provide you with an estimate to build them into your Epic system as integrated templates.

Alternatively, pre-built Epic proposal templates are available for purchase. These templates are designed by experienced staff familiar with insurance proposals, Epic, and Word programming. These templates provide your clients with clear and easily discerned information in a concise and attractive format that sets your proposals apart.

Product Prices for our Epic Proposal sets are as follows:

Commercial Lines $2,000

Proposal, Summary, Renewal Review, or Comparative. Each is sold separately

Agri-Business Lines $1,000

Proposal, Summary, Renewal Review, or Comparative. Each is sold separately. $500 if purchased with a Commercial Lines set

Personal Lines $1,000

Proposal, Summary, Renewal Review, or Comparative. Each is sold separately. $500 if purchased with a Commercial Lines set

Each set is installed into the agency’s Epic system using the Import Custom Item feature.

Standard installation and customization are included in the purchase price.

Standard installation and customization include the following:

Changing colors (applicable to text and tables)
Inserting the agency’s logo / replacing cover page image
Setting the appropriate premium fields on all templates for correct calculation on Premium Summary page
Modifying the service team page per agency’s defined servicing roles
Additional static text pages (Marketing Blurbs, AM Best Rating Information, Terms & Conditions, etc.)
Creation of and/or integration to custom applications (D&O, E&O, Fiduciary, Cyber, etc.)
Training on the use and editing of installed proposal templates
Incorporating employee photos, stock photos, or additional logos
Incorporating additional servicing roles and/or employee bios to the Service Team page
Changing font selection and/or font point size
Any content changes to the existing templates
Advanced Word functionality (If statements for automatic replacement or substitutions, etc.)

Requirements: Agencies must be using the most current version of Epic and Microsoft Word 2010 or later.
Note: Some Sample files below contain annotations with details about that proposal set (opening it inside of your browser is probably a bad thing).


Cambridge contains a different color scheme on each set. This allows you to look not only at the set(s) you wish to purchase but to see how different colors can change the look. Locations/ buildings are listed as rows with the address/building description thus allowing more room for coverage descriptions and limits. Features include:

1) A Comparative set that pulls from two policy terms in current/renewed OR 2 marketing carrier responses. If you are going to need to compare your expiring policy against a carrier response watch the video, Adding the Master Marketing Submission, for instructions.

2) Location Schedule has location number/address on one row with building number(s)/description on their own row below the location. This design is repeated on the policy templates as well. One address row followed with building coverages. No repeating of address after address when the location has numerous buildings.

3) Additional Named Insureds have been moved to follow additional interests, so each policy shows exactly who is covered. No more repeating first named insureds.

4) Marketing Summary has 3 rows per coverage so staff may enter other carriers who were marketed with their response.

5) A Named Insured Table that is driven by Business Contacts to show which policies include the specific named insured in a pivot table like view.   Be sure to watch this video if this is of interest.


This proposal features narrow margins and full-color bleed on front and back covers.  The cover page features effective and expiration years and icons for branch details such as address, phone, and email. Page Titles are included in the header of each section and will repeat when a section spans multiple pages. On each applicable page, coverages, exposures, etc. are grouped into separate tables by location. Bonus landscape pages included in this set are a Statement of Values, and a Commercial Auto Vehicle Schedule which includes insured ID number.


Durham Features include:
1) Three options for agencies to choose from for Additional Named Insureds. It has the normal page with the location schedule. The second option is a table following the Additional Coverages that will not print if there are no additional insureds OR this table may be set up to return a false statement and NEVER print. The last option is new. This is a table that prints after all the policies print that may easily be moved to before the policies with the Additional Named Insureds in Column A and the policies as listed in the column header. This table contains a symbol in the additional named insured row under the policy only if that policy has that additional named insured listed on the policy.

2) The Comparative landscape set is an option for Durham as well. Two terms of data pulling from the policies when merging. The landscape orientation provides a well-spaced look where some spacing is tight with the portrait orientation.

3) The end borders have been removed for a clean style.

4) Many color schemes are provided to help an agency see the difference colors can make to a professional proposal.


This proposal is ideal for delivery as a PDF (viewable on a phone or tablet), but can also be printed. Features Include:
1) A simple cover page that can highlight one special photo*
2) Introduction/Lead-In pages with wide margins
3) Open-ended coverage tables that use subtle linework to guide the reader’s eye across each page
4) Page Titles in the header of each section that will repeat when a section spans multiple pages.

*Note about cover and back cover pages: The stock photo and social icons are not included with purchase.
Please provide your own photo/icons for proper installation.

Proposal Set Ordering FAQ

What are the steps if I want to order a proposal set?
  • You send us an email stating which proposal set(s) you would like to purchase
  • We will then send you a formal contract and an invoice.  The contract must be executed and the invoice paid prior to the actual work in your system.
  • You will need to determine how the ABSolutions consultant will be accessing your system in order to do the installation.
    • Unless otherwise specified, all customization work will be performed in your Epic production data.
    • Note that by necessity we must leave this up to the client.
      Some agencies use remote services and require that we use that method as
      well, others just provide us with a temporary login to the Applied portal so that we can download your thin client along with a username and password to use.
    • Our job is to follow your rules on how you want us in your system
  • Once the signed contract and remote access information has been provided to us, your consultant will put you on the calendar and then perform your requested services on that date.
  • We will ask that you and your team test the proposals during the installation, hence we ask that you have team members available and ready to work with us on your scheduled date and time
How long does it take to have the proposals installed once we place our order?

This varies depending on how busy the AB Solutions consultants are at the time, but it’s usually between 3 to 8 weeks from receipt of the executed contract and payment.   Please note that payment must be received prior to installation and/or customization.

What if we need additional pages created for non- ACORD lines of business?
  • Agency specific pages can be added at an additional cost of $ 225 per hour.
  • We will provide an estimate on the total number of hours we think it will take, but we need to see the custom form to get an idea of the extent and the desired output first.
  • The creation of custom forms, or the updating of those already installed, can be performed as well at the same $225 per hour rate
Can the proposal templates be further customized after the installation?
  • Yes
  • There are no locks or restrictions on the Word templates once they are in your system
  • Anyone can perform these customizations , if they have the skill to do so
  • AB Solutions can perform any desired customization at a cost of $225 per hour