Reporting services include report layouts built inside of Epic,  Excel outputs manipulated with automated macros/VBA scripts, and reports built using 3rd party SQL tools to extract and manipulate data from Epics Bulk Data Extract (BDE) replicated database.  If you have a report request in mind, please contact us for a cost to build estimate.

Epic Reports

Excel Macro Based Reporting

SQL Based Reporting

If you have a report that you would like created, or if you have any questions please email us:

Requirements: Agencies must be using the most current version of Epic.

Income Statements

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

This (very popular) report layout displays a rolling view of the last 24 completed months with a year-over-year variance amount.

Aside from the usual agency branding elements that we like to build into all reports designed to be delivered as a PDF, it’s very unusual for clients to request any special layout enhancements like conditional color coding on this one.


Expiration Reports

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

These reports are all based on the Expiration Report in Epic.

Some of these are intended for Quickview reports, others are just improvements to the ‘normal’ emailed expiration list, and some are used as part of agency quality assurance.

Account Rounding Summary

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

This report displays a single row per account with columns summarizing lines of business in-force summarized into “coverage categories.

This PDF attachment includes a “Build Guide” with detailed information on how to build this report as a Layout for the Expiration Report inside of Epic.

Free Excel Macro Tool

Created in: Excel

The Free Excel Macro Reporting tool for Epic takes excel files generated from inside of Epic reports and automatically generates pivot tables and charts based on that data.  It does not require the Epic Bulk Data Extract, or any 3rd party software other than Microsoft Excel.

Yes, it’s free – but only if you handle setting it up on your own.  Help with setting up the Book of Business and Activity reports in Epic is available if you’d rather have us do it for a fee.

Click on the links below to learn more:


Aged Receivables

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

An aged receivables report that has been formatted to better display activities associated with a transaction.  Designed for agencies with workflows that encourage communication on invoicing issues between the service team and accounting using activities.

There is only one sample layout here, and it has color coding built-in for specific situations specified by the client agency.


Opportunity Report - Pipeline + Hit Ratio

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

This sample combines a Pipeline report with a Hit Ratio Report.  It is based on the “Hit Ratio” Opportunity report in Epic.

The detection and automatic color coding of opportunities that have been left open past the Target Date is the most requested enhancement for these types of reports.

Cross Reference Production Report

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

A Cross Reference Production report with additional main sort and subtotals added.

Daily Policy Download Report

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

Epic allows the setup of communication log reports to be automatically emailed to the relevant team member based on their service role assignment.

This layout sample is intended to make the log easier to read while also applying the usual agency branding elements.

Balance Sheet - 12 Month Report

Created in: Epic Report Layouts

This (nowhere near as popular as its income statement sibling) report layout displays a 12 month view of the balance sheet.

It is very unusual to have requests for custom balance sheet layouts other than to have them fully branded.

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