Creation of reports inside of Epic, the manipulation of Epic data using Excel Macros, and using SQL to build reports based on Epics Bulk Data Extract tool are available. Samples and pricing for specific reports will be added to this page soon. If you have a report request in mind, please contact us for a cost to build estimate.

Epic Reports

Excel Macro Based Reporting

SQL Based Reporting

Any report not provided free of charge will include installation and customization

If you have any questions or would like to start the process please email us:

Requirements: Agencies must be using the most current version of Epic and Microsoft Word 2010 or later.
Note: Samples of Report outputs may contain annotations, so be sure to open them using your preferred PDF reader and not just inside of your browser.

Setup Guide: PL Account Rounding Summary

A detailed set of notes covering the creation of an agency specific report to track account rounding in the Private Client group.a rather advanced Epic report. This account rounding report is designed to display the main coverage types written summarized to a single row on the report per account.

Proposal Set Ordering FAQ